Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We have a Princess!!!

Miss Magdalene Elizabeth joined our family on January 10th. We are so happy and blessed with her. Can you believe I have even found a little time to scrap??!! I have 4 pages finished and ready for pictures. LOL too bad, in my sleep deprived state, that I titled one page wrong. Now I have to get a stuffed bunny or use it for Easter. Yes, I have pictures of said pages but who has time to download them to the computer. Guess once the memory card is full I'll have to. At this point I really just need time to get pictures printed so scraping would be easier to do.


SandieShores said...

An absolutely beautiful princess she is too!! I'm thrilled for you. Bring on the PINK!!

Dee Dee said...

She is so lovely. :)