Monday, November 3, 2008

New backround

and it's oh so cute too! It's from "the Cutest Blog on the Block" and it was very easy to do. I'm not very good at stuff like this so anything that's 3 or 4 steps is all I can handle.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Packing up

Well it's been a few month since I have been able to work on anything so I'm backing it all up to free up space in the garage. I hate doing it but it's too hot to be in there anyways. James is very demanding with my time and Magdalene is not far behind. I have acquired so much new stuff I'm not sure where it will all go now. I'm running out of closet space. On the up side or down side, depending on how you look at it, the desk top is trying to crash so DH ordered me a new laptop last night and he pretty much got me the works. I'll have Adobe photo shop and a DVD editor. So if nothing else I can work on making great photos to get printed and be able to post videos, at long last! I have bought a book about getting the most out of the tools you have. I'll be reading it to get new ideas while I have everything packed up. So I guess fo rnow I will be enjoying my babies and I'll scrap memories later, while they sleep.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's summer

It's been months and I have not really touched my scrap stuff at all. My brother and his family and my sister came for over a week the end of May first week of June. Andy had been gone a lot and James was not having me do anything if he couldn't be with me, of course Miss Magdalene is growing, in her own little Princess way, so I have less time for myself every day. Andy is working hard on the new out building. We have decided to not go 2 stories with it but do 10 foot ceilings. That means no scrap room for me. I just can't see me taking two kids out there to scrap and think I'll get anything done. It also helps to be in the house to scrap, I can pretend to do some house work that way. LOL So, we will have to see what the fall brings. In the mean time I'm watching a show called Scrapbook Memories. I am learning new things, not only for paper crafting but with the pictures and digital too. So there is one small thing I did kind of make. I learned how to do a matchbook scrapbook so I played with making one. Now that I know how it will go faster next time. I also played in a photo editor and paint and am working on doing fun things with pictures. So maybe next month will be my time to scrap! LOL Though at this point I think the out building will have to get finished and the temp drop a little, it's rather warm to cool the garage so I can scrap and my new van's top carrier is taking up 1 of my work tables. (sigh)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Another Month Gone!

I have managed to get a few more pages finished in my journal but it's slow going. The kids are really eating into my scrapping time, not to mention DH. With spring being here and the weather warming up it's hard to want to camp out in a garage even with the itch to work on the kids baby books. Magdalene is almost 3 months old and it's fun to spend time with her now. James is chilling out about loosing my attention to his "baby sister" and life is a little easier. What I need is a day with no baby and about 300 pictures. LOL Course that won't happen for a few years, the no baby part anyways. I think I'll try to focus on getting everything cleaned back up and organized since my work space looks like a tornado when through it. Between a little shopping, getting a new car, and DH borrowing a table, it's not in any condition to inspire a few hours of work. All that being said, I have set a goal to work on for the rest of the year. I would like to get 75% of my pregnancy journal finished. I would like to get 2 12" x 12" set of pages done for both kids finished each month. Now some local store needs to carry some decent solid card stock and some of the embellishments I want so I don't have to waste time searching the net for them! ROFL A woman can dream, I guess.

A picture of my little man getting his first haircut. I spent a full day searching the net to find anything to go on a scrap page. I found a sweet poem but not much else.

This is a sweet shot of my little baby bunny. She didn't seem to mind wearing the ears. I couldn't believe how much I had to stretch the headband out to make them fit.

Friday, March 7, 2008

More from the first album

I thought I'd add a few more of my first album pages. We are about to fly up to mee my MIL, who started my craze in scrapping, so I want to be able to show her some of my work. Too bad the book is so heavey or I'd just take it with me.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Wedding Album

This is part of the wedding album that my MIL made for my DH and me. She did such a great job of it I have never thought about making one myself. As time allows I will add the rest of the pages to this post.

Our engagement announcement.
Our invitation.
One of our many as a new married couple. Wish I had my veil on.Flowers and napkin from from our special day.
DH and MIL, Dancing with Chrissy, Me and all the men behind the Groom's cake.
All of my attendants.
The ceremony.

The Flower girl. It was very last minute that we knew my brother's girls were going to make the trip and they didn't get added to the picture list. : (

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pregnancy Journal... scrapbook style!

This is the start of the journal I wrote when I was pregnant the first time. I thought it would be a fun way to scrapbook and remember all that happened, good and bad. Now if I would just get the last 3 months typed I'd be all set to go! Oh, and I guess it would help if I had prints of some of the 180+ belly shots and ultra sound pictures that we took. After all, what good is a scrapbook without pictures? This should be a fun project. I have 30 pages typed out in word but as you can see there will be some pages that are printed shorter, depending on the paper I print on. I was smart enough to buy 4 matching scrapbooks for this project. I wonder how many of them I will use? Better yet, I wonder how old James will be when I finish it? He's almost 28 months old now. I can't remember if I did the first page before or after he was born. As for page 2, I think I might do some highlighting to the die cutes to make them look better. Page 3 and 4 were pretty fast to do. The longest part was die cutting the flowers and popping them apart. I used a gel pen to stencil the vines and there is a little "bling" in the center of each flower. I'm sure I will keep these pages pretty simple and leave the more fancy work or the baby books.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Photo shows of paper bag albums

I did 2 different photo shows of books I made 2 years ago. The first one was made for my hubby.

The second one I made for a frined and though it's very cute and doesn't have pictures in it I did personalize it for the friend's child and so I won't post a link to it for saftey reasons. Instead all you get is a few of the pages in still pictures.

My new stamp

It might be a little hard to see but i love the swirls done with the wartermark ink. I wanted this stamp to use on my bridel picture pages but it was sold out at the time. Stamps are on sale this week but I will have to wait a while longer to buy any more new ones. I'll just have to enjoy the few I do have for now. I want little baby feet next.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Used wrapping paper

This is one set of pages I will have made with this "left over from a gift" wrapping paper. I checked it out and it's acid free! I know, there are no pictures on it yet but at least I'm takeing pictures! I get them printed later. A new mum can only do so much at one time.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brother and sister pages, well they match at least

Both sets of pages.

Close up of brother page.

Close up of sister page
It took me twice as long to do the sister page and I had all the paper for it. Funny how lifting a second time can work that way.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We have a Princess!!!

Miss Magdalene Elizabeth joined our family on January 10th. We are so happy and blessed with her. Can you believe I have even found a little time to scrap??!! I have 4 pages finished and ready for pictures. LOL too bad, in my sleep deprived state, that I titled one page wrong. Now I have to get a stuffed bunny or use it for Easter. Yes, I have pictures of said pages but who has time to download them to the computer. Guess once the memory card is full I'll have to. At this point I really just need time to get pictures printed so scraping would be easier to do.

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year. maybe I'll find the time. LOL

It's a New Year and with it will be more mommy duties. Yes, I said MORE as we are getting ready for our second baby to arrive in 3 short days. Now how is it am I thinking that I will find time to scrap? I did manage to finish my first album, well, 7 pages need journaling but who really counts that? It's the pretty pages we all look at! I think my new strategy will to be to work on both of the kids 1st year albums at one time and maybe a little of my pregnancy album too. I might have to take a multi vitamin to have the energy to even start! here are some pictures of pages I have finished so far. I hope you enjoy them.
Well, I had a very witty post all typed out, pictures attached and the darn internet messed up. i will try again later. Darn!