Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My sweet baby

It took me a while to make my paper have the scalloped edge and I can't get the scalloped edge to show the correct way on the frame but I'm getting better at this digital stuff.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I thought I would try my hand at digital since i can't get to all my paper. Not too bad for my first time. : )

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Better late...

Then never at all.

I did one last project in 2008 and have been too busy to post it, so I tell myself. So here it is, my MIL's Christmas gift from my family.

I found the F and A too hard to put pictures on so I just did the quotes instead.
The oldest family memeber holding the youngest one, Sadie and Magdalene.
Mimi with the only grandson, Kaye and James.

The three grandchildren, Christina, Magdalene, and James.
Mimi and Magdalene having a chat.
The grandparents with the grandson, Kaye and Mark with James on his shoulders.

The family tree of living people in Kaye and Marks family.
Our family. Libby and John are not in the photo. Sheila holding Magdalene, Andy over my left shoulder with James infront of Magdalene. Mark and Kake with her monther, Sadie, over her left shoulder. Christina in Heidi's lap and Jim behind Heidi.
I saved all of my journaling for the back cover. I had bought a beautiful saying for th eback and the girl that checked me out didn't get it in my bag. I went back for another one and they were out of them so it got stuck with all these little tags instead.