Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's summer

It's been months and I have not really touched my scrap stuff at all. My brother and his family and my sister came for over a week the end of May first week of June. Andy had been gone a lot and James was not having me do anything if he couldn't be with me, of course Miss Magdalene is growing, in her own little Princess way, so I have less time for myself every day. Andy is working hard on the new out building. We have decided to not go 2 stories with it but do 10 foot ceilings. That means no scrap room for me. I just can't see me taking two kids out there to scrap and think I'll get anything done. It also helps to be in the house to scrap, I can pretend to do some house work that way. LOL So, we will have to see what the fall brings. In the mean time I'm watching a show called Scrapbook Memories. I am learning new things, not only for paper crafting but with the pictures and digital too. So there is one small thing I did kind of make. I learned how to do a matchbook scrapbook so I played with making one. Now that I know how it will go faster next time. I also played in a photo editor and paint and am working on doing fun things with pictures. So maybe next month will be my time to scrap! LOL Though at this point I think the out building will have to get finished and the temp drop a little, it's rather warm to cool the garage so I can scrap and my new van's top carrier is taking up 1 of my work tables. (sigh)