Sunday, February 1, 2009

Now I'm getting the hang of it!

First up is a page that took me all day. It pretty much a layout that is on my disk but I wanted to do it all myself. It was such a PITA but I got it finished and am so proud of it. It was a lot of work. Changing the color of some paper, layers and layers, deleting parts of papers, to make the torn edge. I had to make layer copies to keep some things the same size, so flowers and brads. Turn a few things to make them look just right. I even cut the center out of the circle paper and merged the paper layer above it to make it the print it is now. I did a few drop shadows. Phew. It was work!

Next is a page all of my own creation. It seemed a whiz compared to the one above! I love how the drop shadows made the page. I should have turned a few buttons instead of having them all the same but I'm not going to now. If you click on the pictures, the 'J' and 'M' both have beads around them. I might have to have these 2 pages printed later, we will see.