Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year. maybe I'll find the time. LOL

It's a New Year and with it will be more mommy duties. Yes, I said MORE as we are getting ready for our second baby to arrive in 3 short days. Now how is it am I thinking that I will find time to scrap? I did manage to finish my first album, well, 7 pages need journaling but who really counts that? It's the pretty pages we all look at! I think my new strategy will to be to work on both of the kids 1st year albums at one time and maybe a little of my pregnancy album too. I might have to take a multi vitamin to have the energy to even start! here are some pictures of pages I have finished so far. I hope you enjoy them.
Well, I had a very witty post all typed out, pictures attached and the darn internet messed up. i will try again later. Darn!